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Tantric Tarot Sessions and Astrological Consultations

Martina offers both basic Tantric Tarot readings and Tantric Tarot Therapy sessions, during which, at the end of the lecture, she provides some effective tools and practices to help the person working on what the reading made emerge.
One of the fundamental concepts of Tantrism, which is based on alchemical principles, is the correspondence between Macrocosm (the Universe) and Microcosm (the human being), that is the idea that every part of the world is interconnected, everything is in everything. A similar idea lies behind the 78 Tarot cards: we are a miniature universe, and the Stars, the Moon imprinted on the cards, are nothing more than clues to get in touch with our personal truth, to find the sun, moon and stars within each of us.
During her Tarot sessions Martina tries to create a setting as suitable as possible to make the participant feel at ease, and able to interact openly.
If the situation permits it and the person feels at ease in doing so, Martina asks to enter a meditative state with her for a few minutes, using “Ujjayi pranayama”, a kind of tantric breathing, to be able to listen to each other internally and therefore be more predisposed to receive the inner truth. Finally, there's the recitation of a tantric mantra that can be auspicious for the ritual.
Once eyes are opened, the reading begins. Martina usually uses a deck of Italian Renaissance cards, the oldest together with the Marseille Tarot. The practice may include the use of all 78 cards or the use of only the Major Arcana. A more classic and effective reading involves the selection of three cards, concerning Past, Present and Future, but she can also perform readings concerning five, ten or more cards, including also the astrological reading.
This will depend on the context or the wishes of the person.
It is important that the person is attentive to receiving the messages, even before Martina catches them. In fact, she considers herself a channel that acts as a link between the communication of the cards and the inner truth of the individual. Therefore she always invites people to express the first sensations that the cards arouse, as a starting point for the reading of the cards.

Martina also offers Astrological consultations, reading Natal Birth Charts as an essential tool for self-discovery and inner investigation. Tantra is strictly connected with Numerology and Astrology, as they're important esoteric sciences accompanying one's personal spiritual growth. So, the study of the astrological composition is used as an extremely necessary tool to integrate the Tantric work and direct it towards the main dense and critical areas of the subject, in order to improve and specifically activate the Tantra practices, making the personal practice more effective.



Live (Milan/Spain) or Online




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