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Tantra Therapy sessions and Massage

Martina is a Sex Educator (Italian Register of Sexologists certified), a Tantric Teacher (Yoga Alliance certified) and a Tantra Massage operator (Italian Holistic Federation certified) .
To intervene and explore sexuality, she draws on both her philosophical studies, especially those concerning oriental philosophies, and Tantrism, that is the set of spiritual teachings, ritual methods, meditative practices and yoga and body techniques with which it is possible to refine one's introspective skills, above all in the relational, emotional and sexual spheres.

She offers both Sex Education Therapy consultations and private or collective Tantric Sessions, during which she uses a holistic perspective, taking into consideration all the aspects concerning people’s daily, interior and spiritual life. The objective of the sessions is to put people back in touch with their inner vital energy, and to do so using the power of pleasure and self-exploration. The Tantra practice involves yoga movements, breathing techniques, profound meditations and estetica rituals, from blinded self-exploration to dancing mantras.


She also offers Tantra Massage sessions, that have the aim to unlock the inner vital energy by using the power of sacred touch, ritualising contact and transforming the dialogue with body. 

The Massages start with a small conversation about the inner and outer situation of the patient. Once understood what are the main focusing points on which working, there's a meditation moment.

Martina will prepare a set as suitable as possible, with healing music and specific incenses.

A mantra related to the patient situation is chanted and then the session starts.

Tantra massage is about blowing on the energetic points of the body to activate and purify them. The touch, as already said, is considered sacred. So, during the massage different physical areas will be treated to move the energy, make it flow again and distribute it all over the internal and external body, to help the person entering once again in contact and balance with its own creative, sensual and expressive energy. 


Register of Italian Sexologists

More info on S.I.S.E.S


In person (Milan/Spain) or Online




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