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Performing Projects

The purpose of AMÆMI's performances is the creation of an unusual flux of sounds and Tantric body movements.
She makes this by mixing obscure rave sonorities, ancestral music, robotic and psychedelic vibes, in order to represent both the occidental reality she lives in and the Tantric sensual ritual world. Her objective is to create an immersive space through the acting of mantras, the playing of live music, and the performing of tantric yoga movements, in order to tell a story about a judgment-free elevation.




DieciDee is her new Performing Project


It stages, using a porous tissue similar to the inside of a uterus as a scenery, the Ten Main Goddesses of the Tantric tradition, each of which personifies an energy present in the human being and necessary for his self-knowledge and the achievement of his own completeness.

The musical tracks AMÆMI produced, try to evoke through different sounds, some ambient, some dark, some more tribal and cybernetic, the essence of the various Goddesses, thus accompanying the bodily movements made by AMÆMI which, almost as if it were a dance choreography, reproduces the yogic positions of the Goddesses, to completely immerse herself in the message that each of them carries.

The objective is to modernize and bring the millenary Tantric tradition into the occidental contexts, to spread the idea that only by embracing both spiritual and urban, good and evil, both light and shadow, sacredness and sexuality, as well as meditation and movement, we can achieve a complete androgynous, balanced, well-being condition.

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